Paging during an incident with Opsgenie
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Initiate a page: /jeli page

๐Ÿ“ฃ To use this command, first configure the Opsgenie integration in your Jeli account.

Once configured, during an active incident channel you can run either /jeli page or /jeli escalate to initiate a page through Opsgenie.

Select the team in Opsgenie you would like to page, and customize the message being sent with additional context as needed.

An Opsgenie alert will be created, and Jeli will update the incident in Slack.

The links provided will allow you to view the alert in Opsgenie and the team assigned to the alerts.

View Opsgenie details for an incident: /jeli escalate info

Jeli will display the details of the page as an ephemeral message within the incident chat.

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