Paging during an incident with PagerDuty
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Paging during an incident with PagerDuty

Initiate a page: /jeli page

๐Ÿ“ฃ To use this command, first configure the PagerDuty integration in your Jeli account.

Please note, all actions taken by Jeli within the PagerDuty account (e.g. creating an incident, triggering alerts) will be recorded in PagerDuty with the name of user who configured the integration.

Jeli pages via PagerDuty by first creating an incident within PagerDuty on a particular service. To page someone, first select a PagerDuty service.

Next, select the user you would like to page. You may optionally notify additional users. You do have the option to notify additional users later in the incident if necessary.

An incident will be created, and Jeli will update the incident in Slack.

Request additional responders: /jeli page

After first issuing the page command, you may use the command again later in the incident to request additional responders.

PagerDuty Business/Digital Operations Plans

Jeli will request additional responders by using the Add Responders feature provided in your Business and/or Digital Operations plan.

PagerDuty Free/Professional Plans
Jeli will request additional responders by assigning the incident to the additional users and/or escalation policies that you specify.

View PagerDuty details for an incident: /jeli escalate info

Jeli will display the details of the page as an ephemeral message within the incident chat.

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