Updating Statuspage during an incident
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Updating Statuspage during an incident

Create a Statuspage Incident: /jeli statuspage

๐Ÿ“ฃ To use this command, first configure the Statuspage integration in your Jeli account.

To create a Statuspage incident, Jeli will ask you to populate certain required fields. These include:

  • Name

  • Incident Status

  • Impact

  • Message

  • Deliver Notifications (as a yes or no drop down)

When first running the /jeli statuspage command, Jeli will automatically populate these fields with information from your incident.

Here is a description of these fields, as detailed in the Statuspage Documentation:


  • Incidents are given a name that is representative of the issue as-a-whole that's being talked about. Examples are things like "DB connectivity issues", "API requests timing out", and "DNS issues".

Incident Status

  • Incidents have one of four distinct statuses. When creating or updating an incident you will specify which of the states the incident is currently in.

    • Investigating - you are seeing the symptoms of an issue but are unaware what the root cause.

    • Identified - you have found the root cause of the incident and are working on a fix.

    • Monitoring - you believe you have successfully fixed the issue and are waiting for the symptoms to subside.

    • Resolved - the root cause of the issue has been eliminated and your systems are back to 100% performance.

Incident Impact

  • None

  • Minor

  • Major

  • Critical

  • Maintenance


  • When creating or updating an incident, you will also give a brief message explaining the current situation.

Deliver Notifications

  • You can select whether or not to send notifications to your subscribers. You must indicate that one or more components is affected by the incident in order to have the option to send notifications.

Optionally Specify Impacted Components

You may also specify which components on your Statuspage you would like to mark as affected by this incident. For each component, you can set the component status:

  • Operational

  • Under maintenance

  • Degraded performance

  • Partial outage

  • Major outage

On incident creation

Upon creating your Statuspage incident, Jeli will update everyone in the incident channel:

Jeli will also include this information in the /jeli overview message and any incident updates being sent to broadcast channels.

Check out your Statuspage to see that your incident has been created!

Update a Statuspage Incident: /jeli statuspage

After you have created your Statuspage incident with Jeli, subsequent updates to that incident can be made by issuing /jeli statuspage again.

You can not currently manage Statuspage incidents in Jeli that have been created outside of Jeli.

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