Statuspage Integration
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Statuspage Integration

With our Statuspage integration, Jeli can create new Statuspage updates directly from our incident response bot.

Adding the Integration

  1. Navigate to the Statuspage integration under Settings in Jeli.

  2. Enter your configuration details and press Connect Page

    • Page ID: The unique ID for the Statuspage you would like to update with Jeli

    • API Key: An API key generated from Statuspage

πŸ“£ See Create and manage API keys in the Atlassian documentation for more information.

Once configured, the integrations page will display your active configuration and give you an option to disconnect the integration.

Using the Statuspage Integration

Removing the Integration

To remove the Jeli to Statuspage integration, navigate to the Statuspage integration page and hit the button to Disconnect Page.

πŸ“£ If you run into any issues during setup, reach out to or live chat from any screen in Jeli, we're here to help!

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