Opsgenie Integration

This article contains instructions on configuring the OpsGenie integration in Jeli.

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Follow the instructions below to get set up with Jeli's Opsgenie integration. If you run into any issues, reach out to support@jeli.io and we'd be happy to help!

📣 Prerequisites for setting up Opsgenie:

Make sure you have admin rights in Jeli. That should give you access to add and changes integrations on the Settings page. Likewise, you’ll need admin rights in Opsgenie to create API keys.

Opsgenie Setup

How to create an Opsgenie Account Key:

  1. In Opsgenie, navigate to Settings.

  2. On the left nav bar, scroll down to the App Settings section and click API key management underneath.

  3. On the page that appears, click Add new API key

    How to add a new API key in OpsGenie
  4. In the modal Add new API key, give your new account key a name. It’s helpful to name it with something related to Jeli, as it’s more secure to only use it within Jeli.

  5. Under Access rights, make sure to check all four boxes:

    1. Read

    2. Create and update

    3. Delete

    4. Configuration access

  6. Copy the generated key to your clipboard.

  7. Click Add API key.

How to add a new API key in OpsGenie

Jeli Setup for Opsgenie

Adding Opsgenie Account Key for Jeli IA

  1. In Jeli, click Settings in the left nav

  2. On the Integrations page click the button Connect Opsgenie under the Opsgenie heading.

  3. In the input box labeled Account API key, add the account key generated in Opsgenie and click Submit.

📣 A Jeli account can only have Pagerduty or Opsgenie set up, not both.

Congrats! You’ve set up Opsgenie in Jeli for Incident Analysis work. 🎉

Creating an Opsgenie Integration Key for Jeli IR

Integration keys allow you to page to an Opsgenie team through Jeli’s IR bot. If you’re on a non-enterprise tier, Opsgenie requires you to create an integration key for each team.

  1. Find your Integrations:

    1. In Opsgenie, find and click Teams in the top nav bar.

    2. From the list of teams, select the team you’d like to create an integration key for.

    3. In the left nav, click Integrations.

  2. If you have an existing integration:

    1. Select it in the list

    2. On the next page copy the key next to API key under the Integration settings section

  3. If you don’t yet have an existing integration:

    1. Click Add Integration in the upper right corner.

    2. Find API in the All Products section.

    3. Enter a name for this integration instance.

    4. Find a team to assign the integration to under Assignee team.

    5. Click Continue.

    6. Find the newly created integration as noted above in 2a and 2b.

Adding Opsgenie Integration Keys

You can add multiple Integration keys from Opsgenie, depending upon the account plan with Opsgenie you have. Specifically, OpsGenie Enterprise plans can use one integration key for all teams, but if you wish to page through /jeli escalate in Slack and are on a lower tier in Opsgenie, they will require a separate integration key per team.

  1. In the left nav, click Settings. By default, this will display the Integrations page for Jeli.

  2. In the Opsgenie section, click Connect Opsgenie.

  3. Make sure you’ve added your Account API key (see Adding Opsgenie Account Key in Jeli above). You should see under Account API Key the domain you’ve connected, a date, and by whom.

  4. Under Integration API Key, click + Add integration key.

  5. In the row that appears, add the team name associated with the key and the key itself. If you have multiple integration keys, you can add them all at once.

  6. Click Connect account to save.

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