Assigning Key Roles in your Opportunity
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Assigning Key Roles

Within your Jeli opportunity under the Investigation tab > Report > Overview tab under Report, you have the option to specify who played certain key roles during the event. Highlighting key roles allows you to see at a glance who played a significant part in either the logistics of an incident or the investigation.

These roles are also displayed elsewhere in Jeli. For example, displaying the investigator(s) assigned to an opportunity, on the opportunity listing page.

Adding a role

📣 If you are using the Jeli Incident Response Bot, you will have the option to assign yourself a role (Incident Commander, Communications Lead, and whatever other roles you create in our Jeli Settings in the Jeli Web App). Right now Jeli defaults the user who opens the incident as Incident Commander if one is not chosen in the /jeli open modal. You can always update who the Incident Commander is throughout the incident!

Adding a role is easy! Select the ‘+ Role’ button, specify a role and who to assign the role to. Opportunities may have many individuals assigned to the same role (e.g. multiple investigators).

Deleting a role

To remove a role from your opportunity, use the 3 dots menu button and select ‘Delete’. This will delete the key role assignment, but will not remove the individual as a participant in the opportunity, or impact your opportunity in any other way.

After deleting a role you can easily add this role back if necessary.

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