Opportunity Level Access Controls
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Opportunity Level Access Controls


In Jeli you have the ability to control who can view, edit, delete and manage access for every opportunity. This access can be assigned in Slack before any data are imported into Jeli, and is then managed through the web app after import.

Opportunity Owners

Every opportunity in Jeli must have an Opportunity Owner. This owner is set in Slack when an incident is closed and/or a new opportunity is created. Owners have full access to the opportunity and can edit data, including deleting the opportunity itself.

Opportunity Owners can then delegate access to other users, including assigning Opportunity Owner to additional users.

📣 Admins for your organization automatically inherit Opportunity Owner level access to every opportunity in Jeli. You can see your list of admins for your organization here within your settings page.

Opportunity Roles & Access Levels

The following roles can be applied to individuals, or as a default level of access for an opportunity:

  • No Access

    • Users that have No Access to an opportunity will not see this opportunity in the Jeli app, either in the homepage or in Learning Center.

    • Additionally, trying to navigate directly to an opportunity that a user does not have access to will present a modal indicating that the user does not have access and to contact the account admin.

  • Viewer - Can’t edit or change access

    • Viewers can view a read-only version of the opportunity report, but can not view the raw data for the opportunity, or edit the report.

  • Editor - Can edit, but can’t change access

    • Editors can view the Access page to see who currently has which level of access, but they can not modify current roles or add new users to the opportunity.

  • Owner - Can edit and manage access

    • Owners have full permission on the opportunity.

Who can be assigned roles

Every opportunity in Jeli must have a default level of access that applies to every user in the organization.

From there, either the Opportunity Owner or account admins can assign varying levels of access to specific individuals within your organization.

As mentioned earlier, account admins automatically have Opportunity Owner levels of access to every opportunity in your account.

Managing Opportunity Access

Configure Access on Incident Close

When closing an incident in Jeli with /jeli close, or creating a new Opportunity via /jeli import, Jeli will prompt you to specify an Opportunity Owner, and a default level of access.

📣 When closing a private incident, Opportunity Owners are restricted to members of the private incident channel.

Jeli will initially assign Opportunity Owner access to the user that ran either /jeli close or /jeli import, anyone in your Slack workspace can be assigned Opportunity Owner access here.

Jeli will default to Edit access for Everyone in the Jeli App.

If you select Opportunity Owners Only, the opportunity will be set to No Access for any user not specified as an Owner.

Configure Access in the Jeli Web App

From an Opportunity in Jeli, select the Access menu option.

From here, you have the ability to

  • Change the default level of access for everyone at your organization

  • Change the access level for users currently assigned access to this opportunity

  • Remove access from individuals for this opportunity

  • Add new users to this opportunity with a specific role

📣 If you run into any issues during setup, reach out to support@jeli.io or live chat from any screen in Jeli, we're here to help!

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