Start an incident from the Jeli web app

How to start an incident from the Jeli web app without switching to Slack

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Incidents can happen at any time, and responders may not always be in Slack at that time. Good news—you can start an incident from the Jeli web app in a few simple steps.

To start an incident:

  1. Navigate to the Incident tab in the Jeli web app

  2. Click the Open Incident button

  3. Populate the necessary fields

  4. Click Start and voilá! You've now started an incident in the Jeli web app 🎉

Once you start an incident from the web app, Jeli will create the appropriate Slack channel, conference bridges, broadcast messages, etc.—just like if you were starting an incident directly from Slack.

When to use this feature

This seamless integration within the Jeli environment ensures that everyone, irrespective of their preferred communication platform, can swiftly and effectively respond to incidents. This feature is particularly useful for:

  • Teams and individuals who are not regular Slack users;

  • If you become aware of an incident while working in another system, there's no longer a need to switch to Slack to initiate the response process.

For instance, customer support teams often juggle multiple tools and platforms. With the ability to start incidents directly in Jeli, these teams can now streamline their workflow, reducing the need to navigate between different applications. This means faster response times to incidents and more focused customer support operations.

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