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How to use Related Opportunities in Jeli
How to use Related Opportunities in Jeli
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How to use Related Opportunities in Jeli

In Jeli, you can view how opportunities are interconnected, surfacing insight through a deep analysis as your system changes over time. That may include the impact of a particular service as a contributing factor to incidents, technologies that share common participants and need further expertise sharing, or as an indication of your team’s ability to respond during off hours alerts.

Navigate to the Overview of your opportunity > Related Opportunities, to see what other opportunities may share similarities in Technologies and Services you use at your organization.

The list of related opportunities can change by either adding or removing Technologies or Services opportunity tags, or by adding or removing opportunities.

Key things to remember:

  • Auto-suggested opportunities will change over time as other opportunities relate more closely to the opportunity you’re investigating.

  • Opportunities with ✨ Sparkles ✨ have been added by Jeli, and opportunities without sparkles have been manually added (by you).

  • Jeli provides a maximum of 3 opportunities in the Related Opportunities section. You can choose to add more opportunities manually that you think might be related.

Keep reading below to learn how to add or remove opportunities.

Adding or removing opportunities

By default, Jeli will show you a maximum of three related opportunities and you can add or remove depending on what you’re wanting to analyze.

Adding opportunities

To add opportunities to your related opportunities list:

  1. Select + Add next to Related Opportunities

  2. Type the key word you’re looking for to pull up a list of opportunities to choose from.

3. Click + Add to add the opportunity to your existing list of related opportunities.

Removing opportunities

To remove opportunities from your related opportunities list:

  1. Click on Remove next to the opportunity you’d like to remove

  2. Confirm you’d like to remove the opportunity when shown the prompt > click Remove

    By removing the opportunity, it will no longer appear on either opportunity page and Jeli will not suggest it as a related opportunity when calculating relationship scores. If you wish to relate the opportunities again, you can add the opportunity manually once more.

Jeli is always learning

When you’re adding and removing tags, Jeli is always working towards updating the relationship between opportunities. You may notice that your related opportunities change when applied tags change. Jeli is a learning system – the more information you add, the more Jeli can surface insights for your organization.

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