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Updating an Incident: status, stage, reminders and links
Updating an Incident: status, stage, reminders and links
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Update the status of an incident: /jeli status

Type an update on the current status of the incident to be sent to the incident channel and added to the update thread in the broadcast channels. Think of this like live-tweeting the incident, the status field has a limit of 2000 characters.

To quickly update the status without opening a dialog box use /jeli status [type out status message before hitting enter]

Update the status of an incident: reactji or message shortcut

You can convert an existing Slack message from any channel into a status update with our message shortcut,

Or react to a message with the 📣 :mega:, 📌 :pushpin:, or 📫 :mailbox: emoji to turn any message in the incident channel into a status update.

Aliases: /jeli status-update

Update an incident’s stage: /jeli stage

Incidents often don’t follow the same path every time. Throughout response you can change the stage of the incident as you gain new information and pivot into different efforts.

The bot will prompt you to add some context to what led to those changes, to help inform stakeholders and give you a record free of hindsight biases for your incident review.

Our stages are simple: Investigating, Identified, and Mitigated. Having an understanding of “where we are within the incident” breaks the incident into smaller chunks and helps responders, both within engineering and on the customer communication side, reorient themselves around what new tasks they may be expected to perform in the next stage.

There is no single path to resolution: you can easily move back and forth between the stages as you gain new information and pivot your response.

Create follow ups: /jeli remind

Create follow ups to remind yourself or others to work on once impact is mitigated.

You can view them anytime with /jeli reminders

To quickly create a follow up without opening a dialog box use /jeli remind [me or @user] [type out follw up before hitting enter]

Add a link to an incident: /jeli link

Add multiple links to the overview of the incident like quick access links to an incident video call, reference doc, and relevant dashboards.

Use the display text to describe what’s being linked.

Aliases: /jeli add-link

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