Wrapping Up an Incident
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Wrapping up an Incident

Set an incident’s stage to mitigated: /jeli stage

When moving the incident to the mitigated stage, we also begin creating the Jeli opportunity for when you’re ready to begin your incident review. After you provide an optional reason for the stage change, you will be prompted with the option to rename the incident based on all of the information you’ve gathered throughout response, and provide a new summary.

The new name and summary will be included in the opportunity created in Jeli, as well as updated in the broadcast channels in Slack.

📣 Changing the name of the incident will not change the name of the incident channel created in Slack. To change the name of the Slack channel, use /jeli rename.

Moving to the mitigated stage also means we will no longer send you status update reminders on your set intervals. We know that the time between mitigation and closing out an incident can be vary depending on your organization’s process, so feel free to take your time in this stage.

Important Note: Moving to the mitigated stage is not required to close out an incident, address followups, or create a Jeli opportunity. If you skip this stage, Jeli will still prompt you with those items upon closing. You can also move back into the identified or investigating stages from mitigated and continue response if need be. (Status reminder intervals will be restored if you return to either identified or investigating stages.)

Address follow ups

When an incident is moved to the mitigated stage, we send the incident channel the list of follow up items you asked us to remind you about throughout the incident. You can choose to schedule a reminder on a follow up and we’ll ping you again about that item at the time of your choosing.

You can also mark the follow up as done, if you’ve already gotten around to it, or edit the follow up to add more details or to remind someone else about that item.

📣 Scheduled reminders for follow ups will not ping to remind you if the follow up is marked as done, marked as ignored, or the incident is closed.

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