How to import a Slack message or thread
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With the Jeli Slack app you can create a new Jeli opportunity from a single Slack message or thread by clicking on the three dots to the right of the message and using the Jeli Slack message shortcut to “Import message or thread.”

If you do not see the Jeli Slack message shortcut to “Import message or thread” select “More message shortcuts…” and search for Jeli. Once you use the shortcut, it will be suggested to you in the future.

After the shortcut has been selected you will be prompted to either update an existing investigation, or create a new one. From there you will name the incident and provide a description.

Once the opportunity is created it will be linked in an ephemeral message (a message that will disappear over time) that only you can see in the Slack channel you created the opportunity from.

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