Getting Started with the IR Bot
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Getting Started with the IR Bot

Contextual help: /jeli help

All of the Jeli Bot Commands can be listed in Slack by running the /jeli help command at any time from any channel Jeli is added to, it’s an ephemeral message, so only you will see it. The help command is contextual, meaning it will suggest different commands depending on whether you’re in an incident channel (in the middle of incident response) or trying to import data from other Slack channels, but you can expand it to provide a list of all our commands.

To Setup Your Jeli IR Bot Settings

Setup your Jeli IR Bot settings in the Jeli app at

  1. Click on the Settings option in the left hand navigation menu

  2. You will then be taken to the Settings Menu, click on Incident Response. Here is where you’ll be able to configure your Jeli IR Bot Settings (pictured below)

If you forget everything else: /jeli

We get it, learning a bunch of commands is a lot, if you forget everything, you can enter /jeli and we’ll prompt you with our most common commands.

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