Exporting your Report
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Exporting your Report

From the Report section of an opportunity there is a button to Export Report, this allows you to export your incident analysis from Jeli into a shareable report.

Clicking Export Report button will take you to a preview of your report, by default this will include:

  • Executive Summary

  • Timeline

  • Narrative

    • Editable from Narrative Builder

    • Includes the summary from each narrative marker

      • For privacy, it does not include notes or supporting evidence

  • Key Takeaways

    • Editable from Takeaways

    • Retains markdown formatting

  • Action Items

  • Attached Resources

    • Editable from Attached Resources

    • If the report is exported as a PDF any attached resources will be clickable links, allowing anyone with access to the PDF, access the attached resources.

If you would like to edit any of the content in the sections, you can use the Back to Opportunity button to return to the section for editing.

Each of the sections listed above can be selected or deselected to customize the content of your report. If a section does not contain any information, it will be greyed out in the selection menu.

You can also rearrange the order of the report like so:

The timezone the report timeline is displayed in can be selected before you export. This will not change the timezone in the rest of the opportunity, only in the .pdf export.

To create a .pdf version of this report, click the Export Report button and choose Save as PDF from the print dialogue. Make sure you have "Print backgrounds" selected in your print dialog options.

For more techniques for sharing incident findings check out our Incident 101 blog.

📣 Here’s an example report: Jeli Report – Opportunity Butter Side Up.pdf

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