Managing Workflows

Everything you need to know about managing Jeli workflows (Beta).

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Jeli Workflows enhance your incident response process with the Jeli IR Bot by adding automated actions where they make sense for your organization! Customize the scope, triggers, and automation conditions with ease, set the right frequency for your incidents, and choose the actions you want performed.

Who can view and create workflows?

Jeli admins can view and create workflows at this time. In the future, workflows will be read only for members. To find your Jeli admin, click here.

Enabling and disabling workflows

Use the toggle switch on each workflow to enable or disable a workflow. Workflows that are disabled will not be evaluated and will not run. Disabling a workflow that is actively being run will have no effect.

Switching Slack workspaces

Use the Slack Workspace selector to change which workflows are being viewed and created by that workspace. Workflows are specific to a Slack workspace, which allows for taking actions in outside of the primary incident channel.

Filtering workflows

Select Add Filter and select the filter criteria. You can filter by the following attributes:

  • Trigger type

  • Name

  • Active state

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