What is Jeli?
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What is Jeli?

Jeli is where your incidents meet opportunities and endless learning possibilities happen. Jeli supports the entire incident management lifecycle – from helping teams respond to, and communicate during, incidents, to building timelines that help tell the story of what really happened, all the way through to looking across incidents to identify patterns and themes to help with planning and decision making. Jeli is your one-stop-shop for responding and learning from your incidents.

Jeli was designed and built to easily bring together your tools and your people involved in managing incidents and unplanned situations, and make managing and learning from incidents a breeze.

Jeli Slackbot

  • To help those responding understand & communicate what’s happening during an incident or situation.

  • To keep those not involved in mitigation efforts informed on what's happening

  • Easily import Slack messages into app.jeli.io for analysis and investigation and help prepare folks for incident reviews.

Jeli Webapp (app.jeli.io)

  • Review all of your Slack event data to gain more context on what happened, who was involved, and what the experience was like for those involved in the incident.

  • Analyze your incidents using cross-incident data to learn more about how your opportunities relate to one another.

  • Easily create timelines from event data automatically imported from Slack as you start to piece together your story of how we got here.

  • Export reports and data to stakeholders and interested parties.

We're excited to help you get started on your Jeli journey! Click here to get your Jeli set up.

Check out our product tour below to learn more about Jeli!

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