Settings & Access Control

Settings & Access Control

All of your employees are able to access and use Jeli, by logging in with their company email address. We understand some users may need to have different permissions than others, which can be managed in Access Control settings.

To access the settings, click on Settings on the left navigation.

You will be presented with a tab-based layout that separates various settings into three tabs:

  • General (coming soon)
  • Integrations
  • Users

Integrations Tab

If you have used one of our built-in integrations before, this tab is where integrations can be connected and managed.

Here, users with the Admin role assigned to them will have the ability to setup and edit integrations.

For more information on the integrations we offer, please visit the Integrations & Settings section of the docs.

Users Tab

The Users tab is where you can edit the roles of Jeli users within your organization.

To update the role of a user, you can either scroll through to find them in the table of users, or search for their name via the search bar on top of the table.

Once you find the user you wish to edit the role for, click on the dropdown for their table row and choose the role you want to assign.

Please note that only Admins will be able to update the roles of users. In addition, Admins cannot update their own roles. Please contact another Admin if you wish to do so.

You can also choose to filter the list of users by role by clicking on the filter icon on the Access level table heading.