PagerDuty Integration

PagerDuty Integration

With our PagerDuty integration, you can page responders into an incident from the Jeli Incident Response bot, and automatically gather PagerDuty data for your analysis.

Jeli will show you who was on call during an incident and what alerts PagerDuty sent, allowing for a more complete representation of the incident.

Adding the Integration

  1. Navigate to the PagerDuty integration page
  2. Click “Connect an account,” this will take you to a page with a link to install, which will redirect to PagerDuty for you to select your region and log in

No specific admin/manager PagerDuty permissions are required.

If you run into any issues during setup, reach out to or live chat from any screen in Jeli, we're here to help!

Using the Integration

Incident Response

For details on paging during an incident, please see the paging section of our documentation.

Incident Analysis

Jeli queries the PagerDuty API when opportunities are created, and will show you all alerts that fired from 30 minutes before your opportunity started until 30 minutes after it ended.

This PagerDuty data can then be used as evidence as you analyze and build the narrative of your opportunity.