What is Narrative Builder?

What is Narrative Builder?

Narrative builder is designed to help you discover, tell, and share the story of the incident that you're investigating.

You'll have a chance to write an executive summary for others as well as develop a visualization that you can share and center your meeting around, whether you do them in person or remotely.

By using Narrative Builder you'll create a rich, detailed timeline around what happened during the incident and why it's important. You're able to quickly and easily attach evidence to different parts of the timeline so that people who weren't there can still follow along and learn from the incident.

You'll be using the building blocks of "event markers" to mark important parts of the incident...

In addition to the messages themselves, you're also able to add your own notes.

You can start using Narrative Builder by clicking on the Narrative tab of the report view and clicking "Edit narrative."


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