Jeli Free Trial FAQ

Jeli Free Trial FAQ

Who can sign up for a free trial?

  • Currently available to Google Workspace accounts only. (We plan to add more options in the future)

What does a Jeli free trial include?

  • 14 days of full access to our incident analysis application and incident response slack bot.
  • Unlimited users within your organization will be able to access & use the tool.
  • Unlimited number of incidents (or, we like to call them, opportunities 😉) can be uploaded for investigation.

How do I add users to my Jeli account?

  • Anyone with your email domain (ex. can log into Jeli once a free trial has been started.
    • Direct new users to the login page, and click ‘Continue with Google’.
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    • Users may need to sign in to their Google Workspace account. Once signed in, they will be redirected to the homepage for your Jeli account.

How do I get the most out of the free trial?

Check out Howie: The Post Incident Guide for an in-depth dive into the steps for conducting an investigation, or take a look at our Incident Analysis 101 blog series where we break down the basics of incident analysis!

How much time do I have left?

From the time you set up your account the time remaining on your free trial will show in a banner across the top of the site.

How do I upgrade?

The link to upgrade is located in a banner across the top of Jeli throughout your trial period, and will remain there after your trial expires. After your 2 week free trial expires, the upgrade link will also be presented when attempting to view individual opportunities.

How do I get help?

There is a little Jeli logo in the bottom right corner of every screen in Jeli that will start a chat with a Jeli bean. You can also email us at


What can I do when the 2 weeks is up?

  • Continue to use the Jeli incident response Slack bot (you’ll get continued unlimited use of it for free!)
  • Send data into Jeli if you’re not ready to upgrade yet, but want to continue to compile your incident data for when you are.
  • View list of incidents you’ve imported in Jeli, though you will not be able to view individual incidents or engage with them.

If you would like us to remove your data completely from Jeli, please send a request to

How do I get started?

Head to to start you free trial!