Import HR Data

Import HR Data

Import your HR data to Jeli from a .csv file. Jeli can display the team, role, and home timezone of each person involved in an incident’s response. Understanding who participated in incidents is crucial to investigating the full social, as well as technical, context of an event.


There is an upload limit of 10MB file at a time, if your .csv is larger than 10MB, we recommend splitting it into smaller files and uploading one at a time. Additional HR files can be uploaded at any time. New users will be added, existing user data will be updated with any newly included information, and if an existing user is not included in a new upload, their data will remain. This is so you won’t lose information about employees who have left but participated in previous events.

Please include the following column headers in your .csv upload, the headers are case sensitive:

  • name
  • email
  • location
  • title
  • team
  • manager
  • startDate


If you run into any issues during setup, reach out to or live chat from any screen in Jeli, we're here to help!