Open a new incident: /jeli open

 Open a new incident: /jeli open

Type in a name for the incident, select the stage your incident is currently in, customize the channels we broadcast your updates to and decide whether to set yourself as incident commander.

The only required field is the name, you can leave everything else as is and start the incident.

If you have set up your Zoom Integration with Jeli, you will also see the option to check or uncheck a box to generate a Zoom bridge when creating the incident.

Upon hitting enter, a unique channel for the incident will be created with the naming structure: #jeli-the-name-you-gave-it-1656373544. That number at the end is the Unix timestamp for when the incident was created, it helps keep the Slack channel names unique to give you one less thing to think about.


We’ll send you an ephemeral message confirming the incident has been created with a link to the generated slack channel. We’ll also notify your selected broadcast channels that an incident has been created.

Aliases: /jeli incident, /jeli open-incident, /jeli start, /jeli start-incident