Creating a narrative filter and timeline

Creating a narrative filter and timeline

Tag interesting or important messages. In the Event Data panel in Jeli, begin reading through your transcript. Look out for messages that relate to specific moments in time and tag them accordingly. Here are some tags you can use (there are many more to choose from!):

  • First Alert - the first signal that there was a problem
  • Experts Recruited - each time the team brought in additional experts
  • Customer Impact Confirmed - each time the team confirmed customer impact
  • Escalated as an Incident - when it was clear this was an incident
  • Mitigation Started when the team started troubleshooting/fixing
  • Status Update - each important status updates
  • Remediation Action - each attempt to resolve the issue
  • Mitigation Ended - the end of troubleshooting/fixing

Create your main timelines. By creating a single "Narrative" filter, you can tell the story of what happened during your incident: how it started, who helped, any remediation steps. Include all the tags you used in the first step of your investigation.

  • Create a filter: In the “Filtered By” box, select the names of the desired tags. In the “Select or Create a Filter” box type the name of your filter (“Narrative”) to create and save your filter.
  • Build the timeline: After you’ve selected what you’d like to filter by, click the “Build a Timeline” button to display the messages on a timeline.

Here’s an example timeline: