The Jeli API
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Using The Jeli API

📣 Only a Jeli Admin can generate an API access token. Learn more about Jeli Admins and user management by reading our docs here.

📣 Not all Jeli pricing plans offer API access. Please see for details, or reach out to to speak to a Jeli Bean. We’d be happy to help!

Generating API Access Tokens

  1. To generate an API Access Token, click on Settings in the left-hand sidebar of the Jeli app homepage.

  2. Under Settings, click API Tokens, then click the Generate Token button on the top right side of the page.

It may be helpful to give the token a meaningful name.

Make sure to copy the access token, since the token value will only be visible to you at the time of creation.

Using an API Access Token

Tokens should be used as Bearer tokens in the header of your API requests.

To generate and run authenticated API requests, please visit our API documentation at .

Editing API Access Tokens

The only token attribute that is editable after creation is the token name. It is not possible to edit the token value.

If you’ve lost your token value, see “Revoking Tokens” below.

Revoking API Access Tokens

You may revoke a token at any time. Once revoked, API requests using this token will fail.

📣 If you run into any issues during setup, reach out to or live chat from any screen in Jeli, we're here to help!

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